Founder and CEO

Business Strategy Advisor

Dr. Echo Hensley

is the Founder and CEO of Teaching Online 123 (TO123), an online education company that provides consultation and business coaching to educators and entrepreneurs who want to start their own online education businesses.

Dr. Echo is also an educator with over 30+ years of teaching experience. She has published over 50 journal articles, 3 books, and interviewed 20+ Nobel Prize winners to learn their secrets. Dr. Echo has advanced degrees from top universities including UNSW (MEd), HKU (M.Phil), and UVA (PhD). She was the Director of the Center for Gifted Studies at Murray State University and the Supervisor of the Super Saturdays and Summer Challenge programs from 2012-2019. Dr. Echo has even received the prestigious DC Award in recognition of her accomplishments and her contributions to the field of gifted education.

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Founder and Marketing Director

Marketing Director

lead generation

Sunny Kwan

is a Sales and Digital Marketing expert with extensive work experience in B2B Sales and Digital Marketing. After years of grinding at dead-end sales jobs in the freight brokerage and automotive manufacturing industries, in 2022, Sunny finally decided to start working for himself instead and founded his own marketing agency, Teaching Accelerator.

Sunny and the Teaching Accelerator (TA) team specializes in marketing strategies, lead generation, and lead nurturing for coaches, tutors, tutoring centers, language schools, and educational institutions. However, the TA team is now extending services to businesses in all industries. The TA team works closely with clients around the world to help streamline their marketing operations. TA does not just capture lists of names; TA connects clients with only exclusive and high-intent leads with conversion rates as high as 30%.

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We have the knowledge and the tools to help you succeed.

  • We can scan your competitors' campaigns
  • We can generate thousands of keywords
  • We can leverage your buying power for lower pay-per-click pricing
  • We can design effective landing pages
  • We can produce effective online ads
  • We can utilize or train you to track and nurture your leads in your own dedicated CRM

Our team is focused on generating leads that are ready to become customers on a daily basis.

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