Interviews with 21 Nobel Prize Winners

I networked my way to the interviews.

In 2006, when I was a Ph.D. student at the University of Virginia, I had the great honor to be introduced to Dr. Bill Phillips, a Nobel laureate, by Dr. Bulent Atalay, a Physics Professor at Mary Washington University.

Later, Dr. Atalay introduced me to Dr. Norman Ramsey, another Nobel laureate. Dr. Ramsey was 92 years old by then, and had retired from Harvard University a long time ago. He was still provided with an office, where I interviewed him in person, and had a wonderful 1.5-hour conversation with him.

After two very successful interviews, I started to systematically design a research project digging into Nobel Prize winners' parenting methods. Since the 1st interview, I have now interviewed 21 Nobel laureates, 14 of whom I interviewed in person, and 7 on the phone.

These amazing, talented people have made a tremendous impact to the world, all in their own different areas. I asked various questions related to their family stories and background, their parents' parenting styles, their school and working experiences etc., with an aim to investigate the main factors that have influenced them when they grew up to become great scientists/scholars.

The initial results of my study has been strikingly interesting. Although this is an on-going research project, I am currently writing a book, "Interviews with Nobel Prize Winners". Having been given the permission by all the laureates, I cannot wait to share with the whole world what I have discovered from the touching stories, sensational experiences, incredible strengths and poignant struggles. It is simply extraordinary.

Stay tuned for news about my book!

Nobel Prize Winners I Interviewed

Bill Philips

1997 Nobel Prize for Physics

Norman Ramsey

1989 Prize for Physics

Paul Samuelson

1970 Nobel Prize for Economics

Photo Credit:

Ted Haensch

2005 Nobel Prize for Physics

Robert Solow

2005 Nobel Prize for Physics

Dudley Herschbach

1986 Nobel Prize for Economics

Robert Merton

1997 Nobel Prize for Economics

Steven Weinberg

1979 Nobel Prize for Physics

Photo Credit:

Yuan T. Lee

1986 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Nicolaas Bloembergen

1981 Nobel Prize for Physics

Photo Credit:

Thomas Schelling

2005 Prize for Economics

Kenneth Arrow

1972 Nobel Prize for Economics

Photo Credit:

Frank Wilczek

2004 Nobel Prize for Physics

Barry Sharpless

2001 Prize for Chemistry

Photo Credit:

Roy Glauber

2005 Nobel Prize for Physics

Sheldon Glashow

1979 Nobel Prize for Physics

Craig Mello

2006 Prize for Physiology

Richard Schrock

2005 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Photo Credit:

Torsten Wiesel

1981 Nobel Prize for Medicine

John Mather

2006 Nobel Prize for Physics

James Heckman

2000 Nobel Prize for Economics

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© 2024 Dr. Echo Hensley